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Professional woodland chair-making courses since 1985

With over 25 years experience in running courses in green wood chair-making, Mike Abbott will guide you through the process of making a chair from a tree in a beautiful woodland setting. Having written three books on the subject (Green Woodwork, in 1989, Living Wood, in 2002 and, Going with the Grain, in 2011), Mike is acknowledged by many as the leader in the field of green wood chair making in the UK.

Learn new skills on a Living Wood course ...

  • In convivial company amidst beautiful English countryside
  • Getting fresh air, healthy exercise and eating wholesome food
  • Spending a week without having to drive a car or rely on mains gas or electricity
  • And at the end of it, taking home a unique heirloom to add grace to your home


What people have written ...

I had a great time, in good company, making something I am delighted with, which all being well, will outlast me. What better holiday could one have?
Lindsay Gregory, Chair-making course, June 2011.
Working with an elemental material like wood, in the raw, outdoors, in a vibrant green wood, filled with birdsong, with like-minded people, simply makes you happy. The therapeutic and meditative benefits shouldn’t be underestimated, and making chairs from trees cultivates an appreciation of design and beauty. A respect for the past is inherent in using old techniques, and not just preserved in aspic or museum reconstruction. Rather it’s a living continuation, and in some cases improvement of the folk practices of the past.
Tom Ball, Brookhouse Wood assistant 2008.

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